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Stretching for Better Mobility

We've all heard the saying, "Use it or lose it."  It'a all too easy to lose your flexability over the years through lack of activity.  And since many phsyical changes happen so gradually, one day you find yourself wondering where your mobility went.

This lack of movement leads to an achy tightness in those unused muscle groups.  As one group of muscles goes unused, your body begins to change position (picture someone with poor posture) and another set of muscles reacts by becoming tighter.  Without proper use, your body tends to adjust more permanently to this new position, further restricting your range of motion.

Another cause of tightness is through overuse of a muscle or muscle group.  We've all experienced pushing ourselves beyond our limits of conditioning.  Physically, a muscle has some give and take from its normal "at rest" position.  According to exercise physiologist Linda DiCarlo at Gergia Tech university in Atlanta, when a muscle clenches, tiny fibers within it slide past one another like interlocking fingers.  When it stretches, the fibers loosen their grip and slide back the other way.  When used past their comfort point, muscles remain in a semi-contracted state.  Regular stretching exercise can ease the tightness that limits range of motion.  But be patient!  Just as these changes happen very gradually over the years, you should allow yourself plenty of time to begin correcting these trouble areas.

Your regular massage sessions also contribute to improving your range of motion and keeping you limber and lithe.  If you would like more information regarding stretching, please be sure to ask at your next session.

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