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Structural Energetic Therapy


Structural Energetic Therapy® rehabilitates the cause of physical or emotional conditions responsible for pain — it is not pain management!

Structural Energetic Therapy®:

  • is the integration of Cranial/Structural with specific soft tissue protocols for maximum structural rehabilitation!
  • has been developing since 1977 by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT and is still evolving.
  • integrates myofascial restructuring, emotional energy release, acupressure, kinesiology (muscle testing), postural analysis, scar tissue and adhesion release, deep tissue therapy and rehabilitative techniques.
  • incorporates Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release techniques to initiate the unwinding of the core distortion pattern which facilitates the soft tissue releases.
  • is a specific sequence of techniques applied to protocols that have been developed to release old structural patterns that cause specific painful conditions and dysfunction.
  • addresses the primary area of discomfort using these protocols, and then releases any restrictions causing imbalances in the other areas of the body to support the improved alignment. When this is accomplished, the whole structure supports balance and function, and maximum rehabilitation is achieved.
  • compliments standard medical treatments and chiropractic, both as a primary therapy and an adjunct therapy.
  • effectively rehabilitates many problems associated with the spine including: scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, herniated discs, stenosis, whiplash, hyperlordosis, hypolordosis, reverse curvature of the neck, arthritis, osteoporosis, surgical scar and adhesions, surgical complications.
  • effectively treats multiple conditions:

    UPPER BODY: carpal tunnel, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, nerve entrapments, frozen shoulder, headaches, trigger finger, TMJ, strains/sprains.
    LOWER BODY: back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, plantar fascitis, heel spurs, strains/sprains, nerve entrapments.
    GENERAL CONDITIONS: tendonitis, surgical scars and adhesions, nerve entrapments, arthritis, joint inflexibility, strains and muscle pulls, fibromyalgia, lupus, scoliosis, hiatal hernias, and much more.

  • will continue to expand in scope and applications to further enhance and heighten the level of healing of the body, as well as for children and adults with special needs.
  • will always be a modality that is continually evolving to meet the needs of humanity — mind, body and spirit.

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