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I took Rita's advice for post-exercise stretching, and it really did make a huge difference in how I felt the next day! She knows what she's talking about!!!            --Mary H.
Wow! The Cupping session worked worked on my sinuses!!! They finally started to drain right after I got off the massage table! And it was so comfortable and relaxing! I would recommend cupping to anyone!!
--Christine B.
You worked your magic behind the scenes to line us up with Laura.  Both my wife and I found her to be an outstanding masseuse with an exceptional bedside manner.  Her massage was just what we needed to kick off our anniversary weekend.
If we ever find ourselves in Norwich again, we will definitely reach out for that couples' massage -- especially if Laura will be available.




Rita worked on a case of 'frozen shoulder' for me, which resulted from breaking my arm an inch below the humeral head.  When I started to see Rita for this it was 3 years later and I was still experiencing restricted movement and pain with ANY kind of exercise.  She adjusted the treatment at each visit to work on whatever was still presenting as an issue for me, and I improved dramatically.  I am MUCH better, having nearly full range of motion now and with even that gradually extending.

Rita worked hard to heal me, and put a lot of effort into targeting the particular muscles that were involved- including some I though were far from connected to my shoulder- but she got remarkable results.  I had spent months going to PT int he beginning for almost no result that I could see, and was very depressed to think I'd be lame on one side for life.  But Rita's skills have restored me to a sense of 'full body' usage, and while I can't say she 'saved my life,' I can say that she saved the quality of my life through her skills and determination.

-Recommendation from Dave Bier


I got a 75% pain relief for my torn rotator cuff.  She is great at medical massage.

From Karen Cummings


  If you are in extreme pain please see Rita Ammons.  She was the first person who helped me recover from a sever flare from undiagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis.  When I first saw her I had loss of range of motion in both shoulders, and radiating pain from my neck to my hands.  The medication that my doctors prescribed was not working; I had all I could do to get up and try to function.  I found her to be compassionate and very knowledgeable.  She began her therapeutic massage; and for the first time in months I had hope that I could get better.  I am now with a group of Doctors who are treating me successfully, but Rita was the one who started my recovery. I see her twice a month now to help me maintian my mobility and health.  I strongly recommend her.

Sincerly, Sharon Hunt.


  Before I went to see Rita I was suffering for 8 weeks with severe sciatic pain that left me on the couch all day. I saw my doctor and he only gave me pain pills and a list of stretches. The pain pills did not even help.  

  After just one session, I felt a million times better. After the second session I was able to walk without a limp and all of my pain was gone.

I plan on making it a point to see Rita again because she did such a wonderful job, and this medical massage therapy is an amazing healing technique. She has a great atmosphere, is very professional, and is great at what she does!

 I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sincerely, Cameron


  From Jennifer:

  I was completely devastated after my doctor told me there was nothing that could be done about my back pain and that I just had to learn to live with it! I suffered with this pain for 2 years. I went to see Rita and after assessing my condition, she offered me this 6-week treatment session called S.E.T. I have not suffered from this back pain since last winter! I make sure to see her every few weeks to make sure it doesn't come back. For everyone with pain reading this, don't give up hope! Give Rita a chance to help you!


Since coming regularly for Massage and Lymphatic Drainage, I have greatly reduced my need for pain medicine for my hands, feet and hips. I truly believe that this has kept me healthy and has reduced my pain level.   At 64 I'm in a better place than I was 10 years ago!!!  Thanks Rita



I am a 67 year old woman who was convinced that my back pain and debilitating hip pains were just something that I had to accept with old age.  i met Rita, and she explained the pain to me and her massage methods.  Well, I can't tell you how much Rita has helped me.  I can get up from a chair without cringing with pain, I have a lot of relief in both pelvic areas.  I am standing straight, and in a relatively short time.  I am enjoying quality of life.  Wish I had met Rita years ago.



We can't thank you enough for all of your help in making Nurses Day such a great success this year.

The responses people had to the healing and comfort they experienced were overwhelmingly positive.

You are the most amazing team of loving healers and talented therapists we have ever had the honor and privilege to work with.

You treated 109 very greatful staff members and the countless people they touched after being with you.  The ripple is far reaching.

With gratitude and best blessings,

Amy and Paula 





I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Please send me an e-mail and I will print your testimony. Thank you in advance! Rita


"She is thoughtful, concerned and good at what she does.  I have known Rita almost a year now.  She has helped greatly in relieving pain in my neck and lower back.  When I fell a year ago and broke a pelvic bone and was not able to walk well. Rita was there with pain relieving massage and bodywork.  I am thankful for her compassion, concern, helpful counsel, and healing hands.  She is an exceptional woman, thoughtful and good at what she does.  I have never been disappointed in her treatments and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.  She has kept an 82 year old man on his feet!!!  You can't beatthat!!!  Give her a try and see for yourself!

Bob D - Coventry, CT

 Rita is a very sensitive person who is able to discern where you need attention and is able to help solve problems. Over the decade that I have know her she has studied hard to explore new ways of healing people.  Laura Zorn

Since visiting Back To Harmony I have gained more mobility in my neck.  A pinched nerve in my thigh, that I suffered from for over three years has completely healed thanks to cupping treatments.  I highly recommend Back To Harmony.  Ellen Gregory


 Great Massage. Highly Recommend Rita for a very good Massage!!  Carl Caler

 Rita always manages to find tight knots in the muscles, that you don't realize were there, until you feel better when they are gone.  Jerri


 loved the service!  I have had nothing but positive experiences.  Because of chronic medical issues I need massage on a regular basis.  It is giving me much needed relief. Rachelle Lesserson


I loved the service! Have recommended to many.  Pat Keegan





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